Time of awakening

We are alive by the power of the great life force of nature. Whether we are aware of it or not, the Great Parent of Life, who is the great life force of nature, gives us the wonderful functions of the heart, the five organs, the eyes, the mouth, the nose, and the entire body for the growth and development of each soul.
We all feel and hope that our wonderful existence on earth will continue tomorrow and the next day as it is today, but when we look at the world around us objectively, we have many problems to solve.

We have environmental problems, population problems, food problems, and many other problems that we need to solve, but I think the biggest problem is the problem of nuclear weapons.
We have accepted and become accustomed to the abnormal reality that humans have armies to kill each other and that we have a large number of nuclear weapons that can destroy the earth itself.
However, this way of life deviates greatly from the great workings of nature, the truth and providence in which we ourselves live, and we cannot continue this abnormal way of life.
What is required of us now is to awaken to the great truth, providence and will of nature.

Why don’t we look at ourselves and think together for a better tomorrow and for the future of our children?
The time for awakening is now.

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Time of awakening

O-oyakami Daiseimei, the God of Facts, has given us this precious truth in order to save the Earth.

This universe was created by the “Great Parent of Life” of all living things to nurture us, the children of life

It is said that there are about 2 trillion galaxies in the universe.

There are about 200 to 400 billion sun-like stars in the Milky Way Galaxy.

O-oyakami Daiseimei, the Great Parent of Life, has given us the opportunity to grow in consciousness through reincarnation on Earth in our solar system.

Water planet earth.

A beautiful planet full of life.

We human beings, who are the primates of all things, develop science with immature consciousnessand live a life that destroys the earth.

Humanity has crossed a line that should not be crossed.

Humans are using the most advanced science and massive national budgets to develop nuclear weapons, about 15,000 of them, and more are on the way.

Weapons are not created for the purpose of “not using” them, but for the purpose of “using” them.

Humanity conducts daily military exercises to prepare for actual warfare.

The human race does not understand this terrible principle, and lives in deviation from the harmony and order of the great natural world.

One missile could be the beginning of the end of the earth.

Humanity is not rational enough to break free from its narrow notions.

O-oyakami Daiseimei, the Great Parent of Life, is giving the earth the truth of the natural world in order to save the earth.

All living things that have received life from O-oyakami Daiseimei are the “Children of Life”, the “Family of Life” and the “Brothers and Sisters of Life”.

Now is the time for us to awaken to the existence of the Great Parent of Life and the love of the Great Parent, and to begin to live with the dignity of life.

Let us begin to appreciate to  O-oyakami Daiseimei.