Let the light of life shine

Throughout history, we human beings have been bound by universally unacceptable values such as race, ethnicity, nation, and religion, and we have repeatedly discriminated, divided, confronted, and killed each other.
However, the things that humans have problems with are like temporary titles that can only be used in the society run by humans in this life of reincarnation, which is given by the “Great Parent of Life” for the growth of the soul, and have nothing to do with the eternal and universal truth.

The color of one’s skin, the place of one’s birth, and the religions devised by human beings have nothing to do with the truth, providence, and law that is the great work of nature, and human thoughts have no influence in the great ocean of truth .
Human beings are too immature and arrogant to awaken to their own sublimity, and unless they change their consciousness, they will not be able to survive on earth.

What humanity needs now is to awaken to the existence of our true parent and love for us, and to realize that all living things are the children of life and the family of life that received life from the Great Parent of Life.
And to realize the truth, which is the will of the Great Parent of Life, who operates the great nature, and to carry out physical survival in order to enhance the soul in harmony and order.


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Let the light of life shine

O-oyakami Daiseimei, God the absolute, has given us this precious truth for the salvation of the Earth.

We are a “family of life.
We are a “family of life” who received life from the “Great Parent of Life.

Each is a precious existence.
Acknowledge each other.
(We are a “family of life” that) loves and helps each other.

We all have the same roots.
All beings are conceived and born from the great parental love of O-oyakami Daiseimei.

Let’s end the conflict.
Let’s end the division.
Let’s put an end to the hate.

We were too immature, too arrogant, too ignorant of ourselves.
Let’s awaken to your preciousness and live proudly.
Let’s appreciate to the Great Parent of Life, who is the great power of life in nature.

A noble thought of gratitude to the Great Parent of Life will be the light that illuminates this planet.

Let’s light the “light of life shine ” on this beautiful planet.
Let’s begin to appreciate to O-oyakami Daiseimei.