Earthling Observation Report

If aliens were to observe earthlings, what would they report?
What we take for granted is not universal and does not work even among human beings.

What we take for granted is not universal and does not work even among human beings, much less among other creatures on earth who live according to the truth, providence, and laws of nature.
Humans have been fighting and killing each other because of differences in religion, but there was no religion in the dinosaur age before the birth of humans.
Religion or not, it has no effect on the fact that all living things have been given life and are alive. Religions are a projection of humanity’s low-level desires, and unless we realize the absurdity and contradictions of religions and awaken to the existence of our true parents and the truth that is the will of the Great Parent of Life, this planet will be destroyed.
Let’s take a look at humanity from the perspective of aliens.


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Earthling Observation Report

From the dispatched earth to the mother planet.
I will report my observations of the people of Earth.

The people of Earth have a habit of creating their own imaginary gods and goddesses, believing in them and worshipping them, and calling this a religion.

For some reason, the gods are in human form, and the gods are jealous and fight with each other, and they are not much differentfrom humans.

Also, religion has the strange feature that it is important to believe and if you don’t believe, you cannot be saved.

Marriage fraud
Grandparents Scam

There are many cases on earth where people are tricked into believing in something they cannot recognize as fact.

The cliché of the scam is “Trust me!

For example…

Original sin fraud

There is a god who banishes from his house a child who has become wise by eating the fruit of a tree that gives wisdom, saying, “You are a child of sin.

Even animals protect and nurture their own children with their lives, but is this strange god a real god?

Does sin exist in the first place?

If you have been religious for more than 2000 years, there must be examples of forgiveness of sins and celebrations to bless those who have been forgiven, but even the Pope prays daily for forgiveness.

It’s a scam when you tell people they’re sick when they’re not and send them to the hospital for over 2000 years, but no one on earth is aware of the ” Original sin fraud”.

The scam that makes everything a god

In Japan, there are many scams that make everything a god.
Sun, sea, mountains, animals, humans,hair, electricity & radio….
Anything goes

The only thing that the earthlings wish for from their imaginary gods is “please do” for them, such as prosperity, health, marriage, success, safe delivery, and good luck.
And there is no gratitude to the actual Parent of life for what is doing for us.
What a strange planet…

I hope that earthling will recognize the existence of the Great Parent of life and begin to be grateful, and that peace will come to the earth.

Let’s begin to appreciate to “O-oyakami Daiseimei” the Great Parent of Life.